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I'm back Sunday, November 22, 2009 |

This small brain of mine has too little grey matter to hold the username and password at the same time. So for the past three years I've been slaving myself to finding the password to my blog.

Now i have it!!! yippeeeeee!!!!!

Will be posting something new very soon!

Is Truth Overrated? Friday, May 04, 2007 |

Is it?
How many times have you been told that telling the truth is better than lying? No matter how bitter truth is. I have been told that telling the truth makes you an honest person. But do we really need too many honest people out there?

The thing with truth is that it is never good. Believe me. I know.

Lemme tell you the story of a guy.

Let’s just call him Ralph. See Ralph is a good person. He’s been honest all his life. The thing with Ralph honesty is that it’s very blatant (very honest) to a point where it has become very, very annoying. According to Ralph’s friends that is.

One day, while looking for a new watch, Ralph meets a lovely girl. Her name is Esther. See Esther hates people who lies and conceals information from her.

So the both of them go on a date. It goes well except for the fact that Ralph likes Esther. Too soon you say?

Well Ralph likes to tell the truth. He likes Esther. So what’s wrong with telling Esther that he likes her? Even if they have just been on one date?

Aren’t we taught to tell things like it is? To be real and all?

Back to Ralph and Esther.

So one day (after the scary confession), Esther decides to cook dinner for Ralph. Sort of like a romantic candlelight dinner that couples usually have when they are comfortable with each other.

But while cooking, Esther has accidentally burnt the veggies and spoils the broth (she doesn’t have too many cook). So Esther, a lazy bum, decides to just serve the dinner and get it over and done with. She knows that the food is going to taste really bad. But she just wants to test Ralph, whether Ralph likes he or not (fishing for not-so-honest compliments). So yeah.

Ralph arrives, eats and tells Esther that the food is great. Esther changes her mind. She realizes that Ralph is not telling the truth and she hates that (all of a sudden). She kicks Ralph out, goes to her local sperm back and gets herself pregnant.

So you see. Honesty. The tricky word that has always been plaguing me.

When is honesty good?

Lazy Bum Thursday, May 03, 2007 |

Yes I know. It’s been a while since I post anything. Am just so lazy.

After tirelessly trying to recover the password for this blog (why lah change to gmail account?), I’ve decided to do nothing with it and just post updates on trivial things.

Like how am I doing?

I’m ok. I just realize that Hillary Duff can actually sing. Yes she does and she does it very well I must say.

Anything new?

I’m coming out with a new album soon. Hahahhaha.

I’m still trying to clean my room. It’s not that big a space. It’s just that if I clean the magazine area, I'd have to do the book area too and if I do the book area, I have to do the area around the table. So it’s just amat lah membosan kan.

Oh Mokciknab has updated her blog after a long hiatus.

Hmmm. What else is new?
Lemme see

Oh yeah. Yesterday after being sent home by my boss (BALIK!!!!!CUTI LAH!!!!TIDO!!!), I have decided to finally watch the last few episodes of Brideshead Revisited. Tiring I must say. But it’s a good adaptation of the novel. Verbatim. So Best lah if you've read the book. Or else you‘d be thinking

“Who the hell are these people and why do they talk like that?”

The other day Che Kam asks his students to name songs that they think has changed their lives and why. Needless to say Che Kam is furious with the answers given. So he proceeds to test this theory (that I’m actually smart) and asks me the same question.
I replied.


Lemme see

It has got to be The Wallflowers One Headlight (how can you not like Jakob Dylan).

There’s a part in the chorus and it goes something like this:

Come on try a little, nothing is forever, there’s got to be something better than in the middle.”

So yeah.

What else, what else?

Pyan my best friend is at home for a month holiday. Yeah.

Oh there’s this really good restaurant at Bangsar Village II, it’s called Marmalade, the Pesto Chicken Spaghetti is to die for. And the Carrot cake. Arghhh….hhahahha. It’s so super damn delicious. Please ask for extra orange peel when you order that.

Old Boys Weekend is great. I spend the days with Pyan walking, sleeping in various places, just to test the theory that Overfloor is colder than Pavillion and West Wing and East Wing. Haven't got the chance to complete the experiment.

I eat too much. Again.

That and I seriously think Elin of Elin and Mooze looks like Carolyn Bessette Kennedy.

Attention Span Thursday, February 15, 2007 |

A friend of mine asked me a few weeks back,

“Apasal Kau malas update blog?”

To which I replied,

“What should I write? Seriously (a catchphrase now known as the “dzuf"). I don’t go out that much. Movies? Hahahaha yeah right, you know what kind of movies I watch kan. And besides they are all old movies, music and all? Takde mase. Seriously.”

“Why did you start one in the first place? You kinda have to commit yourself to this kinda thing, you know, if you wanna start something.”

“Commit, you say? Hahahaha, I can’t even commit to a single moisturizer”

And after that the meehon goreng arrived and we stuffed ourselves silently. Well, except for the occasional bitching ‘bout things, like the degree of saltiness of the meal (bland, ‘salt shipwreck’---kak ade lagi ke garam kat dapur? Ade dik, nak ke? Oh tidak, saya ingat akak dah tuang semuanya ke dalam mee hoon goreng saya, ‘Ghandi’s salt march’---this is the most horrible, you are hungry and have no choice but to eat.), the rude waiters and so on.

So, yeah.
I know I’ve been very bad when it comes to committing myself to a single thing and pursue it wholeheartedly. But you can’t blame me. See, I have the attention span of a 3 year old kid with ADHD (no offence to anyone). I would look at something new, play with it for a while and go back to my old lazy self. (Note to self: LAUNDRY!)

So what has this done to me? I buy lots of books and only manage to read ¾ of each of these books, I spend only 10 second on one song before jumping to the chorus and the next song, preferably within the next 8 seconds and I am the Olympic gold medalist for CHANNEL SURFING.

So, yeah. But this ‘problem’ has also kinda given me an opportunity to be a try-ist. I’ll try anything once. You know how these new things are, they are like that new VOGUE that you‘ve just bought, the one with the glossy photo of somebody famous. You know how it smells, how the binding is still intact and how the pages are still clean and crisp. And then you flip through it for 10 seconds and you get bored and wish you’d bought GQ or VANITY FAIR instead. But nevertheless you cherish that VOGUE and place it neatly on the bookshelf and look at it with pride.

And years from now you’d flip through the magazine and start to read the articles and laugh at the pictures and ‘style’.

That’s exactly how I feel about this whole blogging thing. Frankly I’m bored already. Hahahaha

I don’t really write very well. My trail of thought is as short as Sarimah Ibrahim’s Musical career. Short but very intense. Hahahahah


So I shall leave you with another non-post Post.

Update! Wednesday, January 31, 2007 |

I know I know
It’s been a while
But hey. I’ve been busy with things here and there.
So yeah
I’m just going to update you guys with the things that have been happening in my life.

I’ve become a book addict. Yes. Spending hundreds of ringgit on good books is a must every month.

I’m currently reading Tobias Wolff’s Old School and after that maybe Tun Dr Ismail after Che Mie is done with it. Heheheh

I’ve been helping my friend Azreezal Hafidz of GLAM with his new GLAM Deko. I’ll keep you all updated on that.

And what else…

Something I wrote a few weeks back but didn’t have the time and energy to continue and finish it

I was shocked, stunned, I must say when I read the news.
Huge pictures of the house being torn down.

Heartless, I must say.

Shall we take a break and do nothing and think about our sad, sad state of denial.
We don’t like eh, to talk about our colonial past. Why ah?
Tak best ke kalau we talk about the people that has help us, even sikit pun?
Do we have to destroy everything that will remind us of them ke?

Thank god for Penang.

I’m sure some of the people who make decision for this matter have been to places like St Petersburg, and Paris and paling koman pun Singapore rite?

I love the Fullerton post house. Don’t you? The portico and the beautiful pillars in front of the Padang.

Kalau Russia plak, the beautiful, beautiful Hermitage. Cantik kan? The green (I think) horizontal beauty reflected in the calm Neva River. Best kan?

These building reflected the past of these cities or nations. The thing that made them what they are today. The colonials and the Tsars.

You can’t do a tabula rasa and deny the fact that the British were once here. You take that away, and you can very well say goodbye to education system, British graduates in the early years, MCKK (tsk, tsk), dan banyak lagi. Erasing the physical structure of ones past is one of the ways to make people forget. And to deny, future generations of the true nation.

Mengarut eh?

Ntah lah.

Not seeing it there makes me sad.

I asked Elizabeth Cardosa back when I was in college about the fate of the Bok House and the Majestic Hotel (I think). Back then she gave me an assurance that a certain company has promised to preserve and conserve these two grand dames. But I guess it's time to say goodbye eh.

I guess it's the end of an era.

So now I have to go back to doing my work.
Anything just talk to me at rizalauzritz (yahoo messenger)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 9600 Tuesday, December 05, 2006 |

This picture was taken a few days before we left Koleq.
We sat for our Agama paper that afternoon.

Happy birthday guys!!!!

A few weeks back, me and my friends were counting the years that we've been together.

Somebody said.

''Ten years of course''.
And then we proceed to eating a delicious meal at Damansara Uptown.


“Wait a minute; we’ve been together for 11years.”

All of us put down our forks and spoons and looked at each other, (ok, maybe not that dramatic) we were shocked.

11years ago, December 5th, 1995, we stepped into a place that we would call home for the rest of our lives. The imposing neo-classical structure greeted most of us with such bittersweet smile.

And five years later we left that place. Some cried, others cried for days.
Me, I couldn’t cry. I had to stay back since I was a part of the Malay College Editorial Board and the Koleq Mag was still half way done. So I stayed back.

I remember how I couldn’t bear to see my friends went back, one by one, with their parents. I said my goodbyes to Nageb, Keanu and Majid.

I walked towards Cooper’s cubicle and slept the day off.

It’s been 6 years since I left college. Now I’m staying with my Izrin, Mulder and Nageb. Occasionally, Eddie, Nizam, Pyan, and the rest would come to visit. It’s nothing much but hey, it’s home. We even named the house Overfloor since all of us are from Idris house.

Here are some pictures that I found.

4 Science 3 with Grace Margaret

Post Night-Prep Studying Session, 5 Science 3

(my desk was behind the guy in yellow)

Damn, this whole upload thing is stuck. Nevermind, I’ll upload some more soon.

"... I keep, I keep thinking that it's not goodbye
Keep on thinking it's a time to fly

Happy Birthday guys!!!!!

and no, i'm not related to president kennedy Wednesday, November 29, 2006 |

me in my baju melayu hitam, koleq 2005

that's me in green, koleq 2005

due to the pic used as the profile pic for my blog, a few people e-mailed me and asked me for my real pics.

well here they are

but these were taken years ago. in 2005

(not too much, eh)

what i am

i'm one part weird and one part moody
i smoke like a chimney
i drink like a fish
i love my daily dosage of mills and boons and light n' easy
i eat a lot and bitch about it afterwards
i like going somewhere, anywhere, and not knowing what to expect
i spent my whole day thinking about things that i'm not supposed to
i crave intimacy yet am scared of the co-op
i dream of new things in the same time hoping that things won't change
painfully bitchy